All dogs we accept for training will usually be kept at our facility during training. See the boarding page for information regarding your dog's stay with us, what to expect, and for answers to questions you may have.

Typically most dogs will stay with us for one month, although the duration of training can vary greatly depending on the individual dog. During your dog's stay you will usually visit and work with the dog once a week to be instructed by our trainer on how to handle the dog and continue the training once the dog returns home.

We offer consultations with pet owners regarding problem dogs, assessments, or specific requirements. Please call or e-mail us for information regarding pricing, consultations, scheduling, or if you have any further questions.

Hunting/Bird Dog Training

All dogs worked individually on pen-raised and wild game. The complete program also includes basic obedience training.

... Obedience Training

Included in obedience training is work on basic commands such as sit, heel, down, stay, coming when called ("recall"), and general manners such as not jumping up on people. This training includes work with specific problems you may be having with your dog as well.

Protection Training

Training for personal protection dogs.

Service Dog Training

Custom service dog training for special needs and specific tasks. Our trainers are also able to certify your service dog.

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