Here at Wilderness Kennels, we offer multiple boarding options to best suit your pup year round. Newly renovated as of 2019, all kennels are 4’x 16’ and are climate controlled. Our indoor/outdoor kennels are 4’x4’ indoors with a space of 4’x16’ outdoor space that is accessible through a two way door. Multilevel cat suites are available, as well for your feline friend. All cattery suites are indoor-only and climate controlled.

We understand that dogs can have sensitive stomachs and changing their diet may not be in the best interest of their health. You are more than welcome to bring any food or treats for your pups. However, we feed high quality kibble mixed with meat, as well, at no extra charge. We would, also, like to remind you that when bringing any bedding or blankets, your dog may chew on it while here. We do offer blankets and towels for dogs to sleep with at night along with our raised beds in each kennel.

When boarding your dog or cat, please remember to have them up-to-date on all shots including Bordatella, Rabies, Canine Distemper, and Leptospirosis. Please either bring a copy of their vaccination records with you at the time of drop-off or have your vet email us a copy.


1 dog- $20 per day

2 dogs (together)- $34 per day

3 dogs (together)- $48 per day

4 dogs (together)- $58 per day

Cats- $14 per day per cat

***Note: You are charged for the day the dog or cat arrives at the kennel regardless of the time they are dropped off, and you are charged for the day the dog or cat leaves, if picked up after 12:00 NOON.***

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