Q. Are there any requirements for vaccinations prior to boarding my pet?

A. Wilderness Kennels requires that all pets are current on their vaccinations, including Bordatella, Rabies, Canine Distemper, and Leptospirosis. This is not only for your dog’s protection, but for all of the other boarders as well.

Q. Should I bring my own pet food?

A. Wilderness Kennels provides an excellent diet of highest-quality kibble mixed with meat. Cats are provided with a variety of foods to tempt their palate. If you want to keep your pet on his own special diet, feel free to bring it along with your pet.

Q. What happens if my pet becomes ill during the time (s)he is boarded?

A. When your pet is brought to the kennel to be checked in, the Kennel requests certain information regarding your pet, including whom to contact in case of an emergency and what veterinarian is to be called, if needed.

Q. What if my dog or cat needs medication?

A. For a small additional fee in addition to the regular boarding fee, all medications are given as directed. All staff members are knowledgeable in medication distribution, including pills, liquids/drops, sprays, and insulin injections.

Q. What if I want my dog bathed before (s)he comes home?

A. Most dogs leave the kennel just as clean as when they arrive. If you want your pet bathed, make arrangements at check-in time and our staff will schedule him/her for a bath prior to the scheduled pick-up time.

Q. Are the dogs exercised?

A. Each dog has ample room in his/her own kennel to run and play. For a small additional fee, your pet can receive personal, one-on-one exercise with a staff member outside the runway. Ask us about our “Playtime Service.”

Q. How can I be sure that my pet will get adequate personal attention during the time I am gone?

A. All pets boarded at Wilderness Kennels are directly supervised by the in-residence owners. Attendants are trained on how to handle the pets and give them daily personal attention on a regular basis. Every pet is given the same consideration and care the owner would provide.

Q. Do you accept all dog breeds and/or temperaments?

A. Yes! Wilderness Kennels does not discriminate against any breed or temperaments. Our facility allows us the ability to care for all dogs, even those who may be aggressive towards strangers/non-family members.

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