Other Services


While our kennels provide ample amounts of space for your dog(s) to run and play, if you would like your dog(s) to receive extra exercise during their stay, we offer a playtime/walking service. During which they spend time one-on-one with a staff member walking the grounds, playing fetch, etc. When checking-in your dog, let the staff know that you would like playtime/walks. Frequency of playtime/walks can be adapted to best suit your dog (e.g. once a day, twice a day, or every other day).

Our playtime/walks service is $6 per walk in addition to regular boarding charges

Bathing and Nail Trims:

While most dogs go home as clean as they came in, Wilderness Kennels also offers bathing and nail trimming services for dogs. We understand that many dogs dislike bathing and nail trims. Our knowledgeable staff members are trained in the best methods for bathing and nail trimming to provide your dog a low stress experience. Ask our staff at check-in about our bathing and nail trim services to schedule a time for us to bathe and/or trim your dogs nails prior to pick-up.

We also offer bathing and nail trimming on a same day basis. Drop your dog off first thing in the morning and have them ready to go home again by that afternoon/evening!

Pricing is subject to each individual dog based on how dirty they are, breed, size, hair length/type, and temperament. Call us during our regular business hours or email us at anytime for a quote!


All staff members at Wilderness Kennels are knowledgeable in various methods of medication distribution, including pills, liquids (e.g. eye drops, ear drops), topical creams and sprays, and insulin injections.

Medications are $5 per day per dog/cat in addition to regular boarding charges.

Horse Boarding:

We are equipped with:
-24 hour surveillance,
-10 box stalls,
-2 large turn-outs,
-a large indoor arena,
-an Olympic size outdoor arena,
-indoor hay storage, and
-a separate building next to the barn with a sofa, tack, wash sink, toilet, and more!

For all horse boarding inquiries, call Henry Sader Sr. at (402)423-4212 during regular business hours or email us anytime.

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